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Library Rules and Regulations

  1. The College Library works on all working days between 8-30 AM to 6-30 PM.
  2. No Student will be allowed into the Library unless he produces an Identity Card.
  3. Every person who enters the Library shall sign the Gate Register in token of his acceptance to adhere to the Rules of the Library.
  4. Readers shall maintain perfect order and silence in the Library.
  5. Each Student will be issued Four Library Cards. Library Card is nontransferable; Students must not lend their Library Card to any other Student to borrow books form the Library. Library facilities will be withdrawn for students misusing Cards.
  6. The books shall be issued to students for a fortnight. If the books are not returned on the due dates an overdue charge Re. 1-/ per book per day for the first week, Rs. 5/- per book per day will be charged from second week onward. After 30 days of issue, student will be kept in black list and no book will be issued until/she returns the book(s). After 15 days of book(s) return name will be deleted from black list and issue of books will be as usual and same thing will be intimated to concern HOD by Librarian.
  7. Reference books, Journals and Project Repots will not be issued.
  8. Before getting books issued any mutilations or markings or missing pages should be pointed out immediately by the student to the Issue Counter Assistant and his initials be obtained there, otherwise the student shall be responsible for mutilations, markings and missing pages discovered afterwards.
  9. Students are advised not to disfigure, deface by writing in the margins by underlining sentences, by marking passages or by damaging in any other way a book, periodical of the Library.
  10. In case any book is lost or damaged by the student he/she shall replace the book or pay the double cost of the book.
  11. No Student will be allowed into the Library while classes are running.
  12. Students are advised not to bring their personal belongings and books into the Library except a note book for making notes.
  13. A book which is in great demand may not be reissued to the same student on consecutive days.
  14. Each reader shall present their Identity Card along with Library Card before any book is issued.
  15. No reader is allowed to sleep in the Library.
  16. The Library attendant at the entrance is authorized to examine everything that passes into goes out of the Library.
  17. A student will obtain a No Dues Certificate from the Library after returning all the books issued, surrendering the Library Cards and after paying overdue charges.
  18. Library Card must be renewed every Semester/Year as notified.
  19. Readers shall vacate their seats ten minutes before the closing time of the Library.
  20. First Year students should get their Library Cards issued from the Library by the prescribed date. No Library Card will be issued to any student after this date. However, only in special cases or under genuine circumstances the Library Card will be issued to the students after obtaining the Principal's permission.
  21. In case a student loses his/her Library Card then the student should report the loss of ticket immediately to the Librarian and apply for a Duplicate Card on the prescribed form available at the Library Counter by paying Rs. 150/- per ticket.
  22. Recommendations for the procurement of new book titles are invited from staff and students also enter in the recommendations register.